Re-Roof Vancouver WA


Re-roof Vancouver WA
Re-roofing is a system of building a whole, new layer of roof on top of the one you currently have. This creates a strong seal of new roofing materials and forms another protective layer of roof for your home or business. When you need a re-roof in Vancouver, WA, Pacific Energy Solutions NW has the expertise to create a re-roof that will last.

You may have some roofing concerns that are getting to the point where they cannot be ignored, or you simply want to reinforce an older roof with new, up-to-date materials, making it stronger and also improving curb appeal. Whatever the reason, when you call us to re-roof your Vancouver, WA home, we install a durable roof with a fresh warranty you can count on.

Your Quality Re-Roof in Vancouver WA

We are able to re-roof most types of roofs. An initial inspection will be done, first, to see if your roof is in the appropriate condition for a re-roof. We can re-roof homes or businesses with cedar shake shingles, composition/asphalt shingles, single-ply systems, metal roofs, or tile. A full reroofing is less expensive per square foot than re-roofing only a section of your home, so we recommend you re-roof your whole home at one time. It is also a better investment than roof repairs that will need to be updated year after year. 

Benefits of a re-roof:

  • Less expensive that a tear-off and replacement
  • Adds an additional layer of insulation
  • You get a full layer of new roofing materials, rather than correcting one area, as in a roof repair
  • Takes less time than a replacement, generally 2 days to a week
  • Cohesive materials all of the same age
  • New, longer warranty

Our roof installation professionals are certified and experienced. We have a reputation for excellence. Each re-roof in Vancouver, WA is done with the best products made by top manufacturers. That is why we are able to extend such great warranties on your finished re-roof.

Contact us today for your free estimate on a re-roof in Vancouver, WA.

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